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Different Rain Boots Matching Method, Let You Love Rainy Days!

Mar 16, 2018

First, the rain boots wearing socks

Spring is the season when trendy people begin to play with color. Choose a pair of socks with the same color inside when wearing rain boots. With a solid color jacket, it is full of arrogance on any occasion.

Pick a jumper with a special type of font, paired with jeans – think that's too monotonous? It does not matter, just put a pair of stockings exposed in the rain boots, the color layering instantly makes the whole photogenic.

Another kind of collocation that is most needed in the spring is stacking, shirts, sweaters, and a windbreaker. If only the boots are slightly top-heeled, a layer of socks should be exposed at this time and the whole balance will be instantaneous.

Second, transparent rain boots exposed legs

If you can't wait to show your beautiful legs, then you must choose a special design rain boots, such as high-heeled models, and then with a hit color Look. You are definitely one of the most personal ones wearing rain boots on the street!

Of course, if you are very confident in your own legs, you can definitely wear the same transparent model as the model. This style is the most versatile and most challenging. Just right, even in a simple suit is very nice.

Third, play hit color, the most eye-catching

In fact, the yellow rain boots are actually very suitable for street shooting. With a peach pink suit and striped dress, whether it is traveling or shopping are very suitable.

If you do not want to destroy the serious office atmosphere due to the creative mix of rain boots. Then you can refer to this match, pick a pair of bright-colored boots, with a neutral wind jacket and ride, you are a stylish family in the street, the office can change a pair of high-heeled.

Outdoor spring travel, in order to respond to sudden spring rain. You must always prepare a pair of rain boots, suggest picking green boots, you must have noticed that no matter where you go to the suburbs, fruit and green can always match up with any color of flowers and flowers to create a fresh van of natural art.

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