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How To Buy Rain Boots?

Mar 16, 2018

Size: Most people buy shoes, but they don't have the same shoes, but the rain boots are not the same as the average shoes. Because the rain boots are cooler inside, it is recommended to buy a bigger size, so you can add a layer of insoles inside. Will be more comfortable, when the weather is cold, you can also change a pile pad, so that winter is not too cool.

Body shape: Today's rain boots make the look of boots, so how to choose the right rain boots for your own legs becomes important. Proposing to have a more rounded netizen, you can choose some smart boots; if a tall netizen can choose a high-barrel, the medium-sized one will choose a middle-barrel style to be more appropriate.

Raw materials: Rain boots have always been boring and airtight. Most people feel that they should not wear for a long time. But if you encounter a rainy weather all week long, it's important to have a pair of good rain boots that will make your feet comfortable and not beriberi. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that you choose natural rubber rain boots when choosing rain boots. Do not choose plastic rain boots.

Price: The prices of rain boots currently available in the market vary from as low as tens of dollars to as high as a thousand dollars. However, Xiao Bian recommends buying rain boots do not need to choose the expensive big-name, you can choose the price between 100 - 200 rain boots, so as to ensure the quality, but also more comfortable to wear.

Function: The biggest function of rain boots is waterproof and non-slip, so everyone must not ignore this primary function in the purchase, if not this special function, then fashion has lost his role.


Con:Maggie Deng