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How To Maintain Rain Boots?

Mar 16, 2018

Please do not touch the sharp pieces such as glass shards or copper iron to avoid scratching or puncturing rain boots. Normally worn, rain boots have a wearing time of up to several years.

1, daily cleaning: After passing through, usually wash the skin with water (pay attention to the internal do not wash into the water), then wipe dry with a soft cloth (be careful not to use a very hard or very rough cloth, so as not to scratch the rain boots skin pattern).

2. Dry: Dry naturally in a cool place. Be careful not to expose to the sun and fire. Rain boots are basically made of rubber. Oxidation, solarization, and high temperature can accelerate the aging of rubber products and make them hard. Become brittle and shorten the life of boots.

3, stubborn stains: If a certain part of the stained water and neutral detergent can not clean stains, you can wind balm a lot of wind oil on the dirty parts, with the index finger can be applied to spin, and then with a soft cloth Wipe off dirty parts (be careful not to use hard or rough fabrics to avoid raining on the rainboots). Please try to lighten your hand slightly to wipe away the dirt as a standard. Observe the dirty condition. If you feel that you can't clean it with Fengyou, stop it immediately to avoid strong rubbing and wipe the skin pattern of the rain boots. .

4, into the water: boots soaked in water, as long as the hair dryer blowing into the soles of the clock. At this time, the hot moisture in the boots will overflow, and the original wet boots will be completely dry.

5, Save: It is best to put the old newspaper in the shoe body, and then insert the old magazine rolled into a tube vertically into the barrel, the final paper or cloth will be wrapped in rain boots only, and then stored in a shoe box, stored In a cool, dry place. If you don't use it for a long time, you can apply a layer of colorless shoe polish (Sister Paper's expired cream will come in handy), wipe it after 5 minutes, and put it into the shoe box.